Dr. Nicole Bramwell

Dr. Nicole Bramwell opened the Central Florida Institute of Weight Management after her frustration with having limited time to counsel patients and families on proper nutrition & maintaining a healthy weight. She felt follow up with patients every few months was inadequate & ineffective in making a true difference in her patients’ health & weight goals. She took the steps to change all that when she started her clinical bariatric practice August 27, 2013.

Dr. B graduated from Howard University School of Medicine in Washington, DC, earned an MBA from Webster University during her year as Chief Resident & Junior Faculty at Arnold Palmer Hospital.
She has 20 years of vast clinical experience & has served in numerous leadership roles while at Halifax Health Emergency Department & the APH Pediatric Residency Program.

Nearly 8 years ago, Dr. B found out she had metabolic syndrome with triglycerides >400. Determined to get her health in check. She went through this very same program, at the sister company, Orlando Institute of Weight Management & Metabolic Medicine with Dr. Allison Green. Dr. B lost 13 lbs, which she has kept off & her triglycerides have been normal ever since. She continues her personal weight management by incorporating what she learned, & now teaches, in her daily life.

In retrospect, Dr. B realizes she had insulin resistance far longer than 8 years ago. She was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome in 2000 while having difficulty getting pregnant with her daughter.

Knowing weight management is a lifelong commitment, Dr. B eagerly helps her clients overcome these & other ailments related to insulin resistance & obesity in adults and children 4 yrs to 99+.

Dr. B knows most people feel they should be able to reach their goals on pure will; however, the truth is, if we do not ask for help most of us will surely fail. More assured success comes with the truth about food, carbohydrates & portion size, accountability & reinforcement. Dr. B & her awesome team encourage you to ask us for help so we can educate, support, encourage & coach you to sustainable youthful health.